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Kula – A Global Gathering is a platform to celebrate our diverse cultures. Join the tribe and vibe together over 4 days in Mumbai!

Mumbai, a melting pot of cultures, serves as the backdrop for KULA, a gathering of communities from across the world. Kula will be held between 12-15 January 2023 at the NESCO Exhibition Centre.

During the pandemic, the correlation and interdependence of communities have become more evident. Anticipating a changed future, collective thinking and co-existence are now more essential than ever. Kula is an attempt at creating avenues for such co-existence between diverse cultures.

Kula presents a global community of artists representing diverse contemporary art forms and traditional cultural practices including tattoos, performing arts, music, graffiti, crafts, digital arts, and gaming.

We at Kula are developing this platform along with leading artists from across the globe to take on the role of advisors to knit this fabric representing familiar and not-so-familiar communities of practice.

About the 2023 edition. 

This edition marks the launch of Kula in India—one of the oldest civilisations in the World.

Putting the core theme of Kula into practice, the identity of Kula was collectively created by various artists from very different backgrounds. Traditional Baiga Godna artist, Mangla bai (Madhya Pradesh), India’s finest calligraphy artist, Pramod Deshmukh along with Baiga artist Amit Arjel, and contemporary artist, Eric D’Souza (Iron Buzz Tattoo) collaborated to present this unique identity, which merges traditional and contemporary forms with rural and urban origins.

Join us in this initiative where the co existence of communities of practice is the guiding light.

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