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Sachin Thokal
Aliens Tattoo
Sachin Thokal is a highly experienced and skilled professional piercer based in India. He has been working in the industry for over a decade, and has built a reputation as one of the best piercers in the country.
Saloni Shukla
A Creative Director, Visual Artist and Faculty, an alumna from NYFA, NYU and Whistling Woods. In her 17 years of working in the media industry she has played multiple roles – that of a producer, director, creative head, and a business developer and has been instrumental in content, media and business development for companies like Nirvana Digital, Eflix and Talent Next – India's first online talent platform.
Siddhesh Surve
Tatau Tattoo Mumbai
Siddhesh loves curating piercings for his clients, Jewellery styling, and is adept at catering to folks who may be anxious or first-time piercing clients.
Vikesh Rajkotiya
Inkk Me tattoos
Vikesh Rajkotiya is a versatile tattoo artist.
Vijay Jitiya
Fusion Tattoos
Vijay specialises in portraits with more emphasis on the traditional type of tattooing.
Veronica is constantly in pursuit of her style and currently is inclined to custom ornamental work, while she works out of her humble private studio nestled in old Manali. She is constantly on the move and dynamically translates art therapeutically.
Varun Mukherjee
Kraayonz Tattoo Studio
Varun specialises in line art designs, geometric patterns, black and grey tattoo, tribal design, also likes to customise designs as per requirement.
V Shiva
Tattoo Temple 108
Vigneshkumar Shiva from @TattooTemple108, is a versatile artist from Mumbai and has been in the tattoo scene from 2010. He loves Indian mythology and let's these timeless stories heavily influence his art. He is a master in digital tattoo design & 3D modelling.
Art Elemental
Turumakina has been practicing the art form of MOKO since 1993 and has been privileged and blessed to be under the tutelage of Mark Kappa of Jawa since 1999. His art form is heavily based around Maori ancient knowledge and derived from a centred space of consciousness and spiritual wisdom, for him Moko is the journey of self discovery a symbol of Wairua, Mana, Wakkapapa and most of all life force.
Tenzin Choetso
Tenzin hails from Tenzintattoos, Delhi - one of oldest tattoo shop and sponsor artist of derma care product and is a favourite celebrity tattoo artist
Scream Ink Tattoos
Suvankar is a leading tattoo artist.
Suren Kumar
Street Culture Tattoo & Academy
Fine-line, realistic, and portrait tattoos are Suren's specialties. He enjoys challenging designs and takes them to the next level.
Deep Kundu
BBC featured, Deep’s inked Virat Kohli, Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut, translating intentions into therapeutic visuals.
Bryan Sanchez M
Tattoo Artist
Based in Medellin, Bryan’s work is a pure abstraction from established paths, not concrete images, but sketches using skin as a canvas.
Amit Arjel
BlueBlood Tree Tattoo
Amit’s India’s first Gond tribal tattoo artist specializing in hand-poked tattoos from Baiga tribe and acclaimed painter and woodwork artist.
Siddhesh Surve
Tatau Tattoo Mumbai
Siddhesh loves curating piercings for his clients, Jewellery styling, and is adept at catering to folks who may be anxious or first-time piercing clients.
Static Engravers
Emihang is a leading Tattoo Artist.
Deepak Kanja
Deep Tattoo Studio
Deepak is the founder of Inkdian Tattoo Featival Goa.
Binay Gurung
Inksinc Tattoo Nepal and London
Binay is a leading tattoo Artist.
Bimal Rai
Eek Glass Pani
Bimal Rai is a leading Tattoo Artist.
Bijay Thapa
Jads Tattoo
Bijay is a leading tattoo Artist from Nepal.
Anand Kale
Fusion Tattoos
Anand's strengths are lines and dots. Geometric tattoos and calligraphy are his Forte.
Devilz Tattoos
Adrian is interested in everything that can be done with ordinary black ink. His favorite styles are neotribal, maori and blackwork.
Abhishek Ahuja
NA Tattoo Studio
Abhishek specialises in realism and custom calligraphy. He is passionate about his work and enjoys creating something that will have a positive impact on his client's life.
Sugiyama Takahiro
Sugiyama Takahiro's designs combine traditional Japanese elements and tribal totems.
Shivani Harsora
Kraayonz Tattoo Studio
She is a versatile artist and loves working on different artforms but her forte is colour tattoos. Apart from tattooing she's always been an oil painting, dreamcatcher and string art artist.
Kraayonz Tattoo Studio
Balor is a rounded artist with mastery in several tattoo styles, as well as different art Mediums.